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The Association des Guides de la Montagne d'Argent (AGMA) was born in 2012, thanks to Gaétan Castilloux and Olivier Michon’s authentic friendship. They dreamt of creating a group of guides, united through the Montagne d'Argent site structure, whose sole purpose would be to share their love of the mountains with you.

AGMA’s guides and instructors combine their experience, safe practice and wisdom in order for you to discover wonderful mountain environments through rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering and many other activities at Montagne d'Argent and various alpine horizons. The AGMA is a group of qualified guides skilled in various mountain sports. Its’ primary mandate is to provide training to guide candidates in various mountain disciplines.

The Association also offers a selection of professionals from which to choose from, whether you want to discover a mountain activity, or need to improve in one of the various disciplines. Check out the list of guides catering to your interests: rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering or ski mountaineering.

We hope to meet you soon at Montagne d'Argent!

Gaétan Castilloux AGMA

Gaétan Castilloux

Olivier Michon AGMA

Olivier Michon